How to delete WhatsApp data from Google Drive

WhatsApp plays an important role in the lives of many. A great number of us use it, from family groups you can’t leave without metaphorically offering yourself up to a tank of piranhas to that annoying friend who only communicates through gifs, there is something in there to keep a great many of us hooked. But there are aspects of the app that has been rendered untrustworthy because of the dark storm cloud called ‘Invasion of User Privacy’ that Google appears to be carrying with it nowadays.

Can this be true? Would Google really do something like this? All you need to do is go to the Google Maps for proof.

Opening the Google Maps and going over to the option that says My Timeline allows you to see where you were and where you went to and how long it took you to get there. Google can also accurately predict how you went there. But the fact that you may be unaware of if you are the sort to never turn your location services off is that Google can track your location even if you have your location services off. Technologically impressive? Yes. Gross invasion of our privacy? Well, there are certain details about one’s life that all people would prefer to keep to themselves. The fundamental right to privacy is a basic human right.

In addition to location data, Google stores our WhatsApp data as well. All the chats that we have, this includes large multimedia files will not be stored in your Google Drive any longer. What this means is that all of your data will not be stored on Google Drive any longer. All the data that you have will be stored without using up the limited 15GB of Google Drive space that you have access to.
But because of the threat of privacy infringement and data theft that are always present, the data that you store on the cloud is never completely safe. If you wish to remove WhatsApp data from your Google Drive, you will need to do the following:
1) Access the Google Drive website (httsps:// from your desktop and then log in to your Google account.
2) If the URL to Google Drive is being accessed through your smartphone, click on the top left corner on the browser page and then pick the “Desktop version.”
3) Click on the Gear icon that is available on the top-right corner of the app.
4) Access Settings and then look for ‘Manage Apps.’
5) Scroll down till you find the WhatsApp Messenger icon.
6) Wait for a while till the “Hidden app data” size appears below the WhatsApp Messenger.
7) Click on Options and then click on the option called Delete hidden app data.
8) Before you delete the data, the Drive will give you one last chance to rethink your choice, you will get the following pop-up message “xGB of hidden app data from WhatsApp Messenger will be deleted from Drive.” You can now click on Delete to confirm your choice.

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