How to manage multiple browsing sessions on Chrome

From chatting with your friends or colleagues to streaming a movie or show, there are a ton of activities that you can engage in while you use a website. But most browsers, unfortunately, do not allow you to have multiple sessions running of a particular website.
The option of using concurrent multiple sessions for the same website is something that can come in really handy. Although most browsers don’t allow you to run parallel sessions, you can make use of third-party plugins to do it. Some of the notable extensions available on Google Chrome that allows you to run multiple sessions are the following:


This is a free plug-in that allows you to start as many instances of a particular website as you want. You can color-code separate sessions and even group them if you want. You can also share a session with someone else if you wish to do so using this plug-in.

Multi Session Box

This service is similar to Session Box, but with a straightforward interface and a feature set that is more streamlined. You can search across active sessions, name them and so much more. Unlike SessionBox, there isn’t a limit to the number of sessions either.


MultiLogin is an add-on that takes a much simpler approach. It is not cluttered with menus, search, or tagging options. All you have to do is click the extension icon present on the Omnibox and it will generate a new, isolated tab.

Account Manager

You can view and edit your active sessions in a functional interface by making use of Account Manager. This session manager is more organized and controlled. Each entry comes with big buttons that allow you to do quick actions like delete, save, and more.

Easy Account Switcher

This one is targeted at people who regularly switch between profiles for work and personal use. The setup of this extension is different as in it doesn’t function by just building isolated tabs. You have to head over to a website, log in and save it as an individual session. You can do the same with another session. After you have configured everything, you can switch between options in the Easy Account Switcher menu.

Cookie Profile Switcher

Cookie Profile Switcher runs with the concept of website profiles instead of producing new tabs or managing a set of several accounts. After you go to a particular website, you can launch a new session by going to the extension’s menu and creating a new profile. You can create as many new ones as you want as long as you don’t run out of space, tag them individually and work on them parallelly.

Swap My Cookies

Swap My Cookies is very similar to Easy Account Switcher, it allows you to switch between a set of accounts by exchanging the browser’s cookie data. You can make as many profiles as you want and refresh your tabs by clicking the corresponding option that is available in the Swap My Cookies menu.

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