How to make your name wallpaper?

How to make your name wallpaper? How to download more wallpapers? Friends, many of us like to put wallpaper in our mobile. We all have different types of wallpapers in our mobiles. Apart from this, there are many people who want to keep their name wallpaper in the phone. Welcome to all of you on our site Teach Guide Hindi. Today in this post we will talk about how you can make your own name wallpaper. Also read this post How to make and download your name ringtone.

How do We Make 3D Wallpaper in this post. And then how to download wallpaper. Both these methods will tell you. So for example if someone’s name is Aman then he would like to set his name as wallpaper in his mobile. If someone’s name is Santosh, then he will also put S name wallpaper in the phone. And a person named Naresh can download a wallpaper named N and a person named Prakash can download a wallpaper named P.

But if you also want to set your name wallpaper on your mobile home screen. So read this post completely. Apart from this, in this post, we will also tell you how to make 3d wallpaper name with name. How to know the name of the vehicle owner from the vehicle number in 1 minute also read this.

To set your name wallpaper, first of all you have to download and install an app on your mobile. But if you don’t know how to install the app. how to know vehicle owner details from vehivle number.

By the way, you will get to see a lot of apps on Google play store. But here we will only talk about Letter Wallpaper – Stylish Alphabets, Character app. Because in this app you will get many wallpapers to download. Click here below to download this app.

Wallpapers of the following names can be downloaded in this app. for example

P – Name Wallpaper
R – Name Wallpaper
K – Name Wallpaper
M – Name Wallpaper
A – Name Wallpaper
S – Name Wallpaper
B – Name Wallpaper
J – Name Wallpaper
Tiranga image name wallpaper
My name wallpaper

So after downloading this app, you can download all types of wallpapers named A to Z in your mobile. How to do all this This is what we are going to tell you next. You have to follow the method which we will tell you. So let’s get started.

How to download your name wallpaper

  • First download this app from Google Play Store. We have given the downloading link of this app above. You can directly download and install from Play Store by clicking on this link.
  • When this app is installed in your mobile phone then you open this app.
  • So as soon as you open the app, the letter A will appear in front of you in all kinds of designs.
  • Now in this you have to select the design of your choice. After this click on the letter A of its design.
  • Now you have to click on your name wallpaper according to your name. Like if your name starts with a. So you click on the wallpaper named A. And if your name starts with S. So click on the wallpaper named S.
  • When you click on the name of the wallpaper of your choice, you will immediately see two types of options.
  • The first download will appear. This wallpaper will be downloaded in your mobile as soon as you click on it.
  • Second you will see set wallpaper. By clicking on it, this wallpaper will be set directly on the home screen of the mobile.

So friends with the help of this app you can easily download A to Z name wallpaper. In this way you can download only your name wallpaper. But here we are going to tell you another method. With the help of which you can make your own name wallpaper. And those 3D wallpapers which will be very beautiful and attractive to watch.

How to make your name wallpaper in 3D?

The method we told you above. From there you can download wallpapers. But the way we are going to tell you further. For that method also you need to download an app from Google’s Play Store. And then with the help of this app we will make our name wallpaper in 3D. For this we are telling you below. Well, you have to keep taking that approach. After that you can easily make your name wallpaper in 3D. So friends let’s start.

Follow the steps to make wallpaper of your name in 3D

Creating wallpaper in 3D is very easy. You can easily make it with the help of your mobile.

  • So first of all open Google Play Store on your phone.
  • Then search by typing 3D My Name Live Wallpaper in this Google Play Store. As soon as you search it, this app will look like the image below in front of you.
  • In this you will see the option of install in the right side. You have to click on it and install it on your mobile phone.
  • After this you have to open this app on your phone. When this app is open you will see a spanner in the settings icon at the top of it. Click on this icon.
  • So now the setting page will open in front of you. At the top of this page, the option of edit text will be found. Click on it. A small popup will open as soon as you click. In this, whatever name you want to make wallpaper in 3D. Write its name like we have written Technogreet. After typing your name, click on OK. 
  • So now you go back to baking. Here your name wallpaper will be created in 3D. Now on the top you will see three dots. You click on it. Now a list of options will open in front of you. In this, you will see the option of Set Live Wallpaper at the top. By clicking on it you have created your name wallpaper in 3D. It will be set on the homescreen of your mobile. 

Conclusion:- Friends, now you must have understood very well that how to download your name wallpaper? And how to make name wallpaper in 3d? The method we have told you above is very easy. With the help of this method, you can make any type of wallpaper for your mobile. If you want to give us any kind of suggestion regarding this then you can contact us in the comment box. Have a nice day, thank you.